第六十三期为您送上的是结业于Columbia GSAPP的王宁。
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第六十三期为您奉上的是毕业于Columbia GSAPP的王宁。

A bosom friend afar brings distant land near. The Oversea album shares the lives of Chinese living abroad with all. The No.63 episode is about Ning Wang, who graduated from Columbia GSAPP.


Why go abroad?

其实想出国的时候地点很明确,纽约或者东京,正好收到了哥大的 offer,就选择了纽约,希望可以 感受到纽约的文化融合,感受不同社会体制下不同的生活状态,思想状态。

I had a strong purpose before I went abroad, New York or Tokyo were my two options. At that time I got an offer from Columbia, New York became my destination; I wish I could feel the diversity of life and a different state of mind there.


Is there anything happened impressed you the most abroad?

国外建筑师对建筑的认识。通过朋友认识了很多不同背景的建筑师,他们对什么是建筑的理解都很有 意思。在学校接触到的一批西班牙建筑师,他们往往都以社会事件,人的关系和行为作为出发点,在 对某个现象进行研究后,把建筑作为社会事件的代理,设计被推到非常次要的位置。一件家具,一些 物件,物件的相对位置都成为影响社会关系的一部分,也就是建筑的一部分。

I had great chances to know a lot of architects through friends; their interpretations of architecture are totally different from what I know about architectures. All of the researches I did were with Spanish architects; they understand architecture as a key agent participating in the articulation of society. They are concerned with architecture’s relation to cultural transfers, material exchanges. They treat architecture as an agent of the social context. Additionally they are interested in the objects, media technologies, and diverse types of relationships particularly concerning the architecture design.


What do you miss the most about China?

Family and friends.


Will you come back? Why?


Definitely, even though the life here is comfortable but lack of social participation could be a problem.


Is it more distinct to view China in a different environment after going abroad? Any thought?

不能说更清晰,但绝对是多了更多对比。在美国的社会体制下生活一段时间后更能客观体会两个社会 制度下产生的不同心态,以及在建筑行业中的不同的运作方式和不同的设计产品背后的原因。原来觉得不可思议的结果变得合理起来,不会因为表象而盲目批判。

I can’t say it is more clearly, but definitely more objective for me because of the comparison between two social systems. Operations and results of the construction system have its own reasons behind. Unbelievable becomes reasonable after realizing the gap in between, not blindly criticize the appearances.


What are the educational characteristics of your school?

哥大和同济一样是个多元开放的学校,来自全球的学者在一起学习,交流经验。课程也是从参数化到 传统的设计应有尽有,任凭大家的个人兴趣选择。来哥大之前有很多关于它负面的声音,说哥大的教 学以盈利为主,教育质量不好等等。但之后觉得在这些快速课程背后是一个跟随纽约社会的体现,多 样融合弥补了教育缺乏针对性的缺点,但这可能正是纽约社会需要的教育方式。

Columbia GSAPP is as diversity as Tongji University, my undergraduate school. People from all over the world come here to exchange experience. Courses here are also varies from parametric design to traditional design. Before I came here, there are a lot of negative voices about this places saying it is profit-oriented, poor quality of education. But after one year of study, I began to realize that behind those fast-pace courses reflects the pace of New York society. Diversities and integrations are making up for the lack of targeted education, which might be what the city needs after all.


What are the characteristics and interesting points of your firm?

DXA Studio 是一个在曼哈顿岛中城的中型事务所,基本上所有的项目都是在纽约的住宅,从三层 townhouse 的翻修到 Chelsea 的高级公寓设计。因为跟开发商的关系紧密,能在其中学到曼哈顿公寓 设计的全套流程,了解市场的预期与需求,从而平衡设计。

DXA Studio is a middle-sized architecture firm in mid Manhattan; the projects we are working on are almost residential buildings in New York City, from renovations to brand new condos in Chelsea. Because of the relationship with developers, it is easy to learn the whole process of residential development in the City, also to find out what the market really needs, thus making adjustment to our designs.


Who is your favorite artist (in wider range such as art, music, movie)? What is the influence?

弗朗西斯·毕卡比亚是最难以捉摸的艺术家之一。他极力避免单一的风格,他的作品涵盖绘画,诗歌, 出版,表演和电影。虽然他以达达运动的创始人之一被世人认识,他的一生从印象派到抽象派,从达 达主义到伪古典主义,从照片写实到无形式主义。毕卡比亚一贯的不一致性,他的折中风格,他的多 疑,让他的整个艺术生涯成为一件前卫艺术品。我在他身上学到的是永远的自我批判和没有风格的风格。

Among the great modern artists of the past century, Francis Picabia (French, 1879–1953) also remains one of the most elusive. He vigorously avoided any singular style, and his work encompassed painting, poetry, publishing, performance and film. Though he is best known as one of the leaders of the Dada movement, his career ranged widely-and wildly-from Impressionism to radical abstraction, from Dadaist provocation to pseudo-classicism, and from photo-based realism to art informel. Picabia’s consistent inconsistencies, his appropriative strategies, and his stylistic eclecticism, along with his skeptical attitude, make him especially relevant for contemporary artists, and his career as a whole challenges familiar narratives of the avant-garde. (from MOMA:Francis Picabia: Our Heads Are Round so Our Thoughts Can Change Direction)



What amazing character do your works have?

借助 graphic 来表达作品的氛围,颜色的叠加,人的活动的描绘,周边环境的渲染,在很多层次下表 现的场景,建筑的边界被物件,装置,人的活动打破,幻想的生活得以实现。

A lot of my works use graphic to emphasize the atmosphere of the design. Layers of colors, behaviors, environments, and scenarios, all of those become part of the architecture. Boundaries between fantasies and realities are compromised by objects, installations, and activities.


When did you start to follow gooood? Any suggestions?


I started following gooood since collage; it feels like the only way to the design world. I think it would be better to have more sections about furniture, fashion design, industrial design, exhibition designs, because they are essential to the architectural design.






Superpowering urban enactments

Date: Summer 2014
Collaborator: Alicia Chen
Critic: Andres Jaque


我们走访和研究了坐落在曼岛中城的领养机构Spence Chapin,这家机构为各种构成的家庭提供不同的领养服务,不管是有色家庭,单亲家庭,年长家庭,还是LGBT家庭,都能在这个机构中得到帮助。在整个调研过程中,关于这家机构里最特别的一点是一个临时的照顾计划,这个计划每星期发生一次,会请有经验的志愿者们交换育儿经验,而这些婴儿们都来自那些还有决定要不要把婴儿给予领养的父母。在这过程中还有一个专门为这些婴儿服务的诊所,保证他们的健康。

This is the whole enactment of the adoption process in Manhattan. This architecture uses strategies of visibility and combination to invent architectures of adoption. Model homes, social workers, advocacy groups, orphanages, playgrounds, classrooms, lecture halls, places are recombined and displayed to expand the notion of ideal houses and create an urbanism of collective care.

The agency we have been studying called Spence Chapin Located in the mid-east. The agency provide different kind of programs to different kind of adoptive parents including African American parents, single parents, older parents, LGBT parents. Special thing about the agency is that it holds an interim care program once a week with experienced volunteers to exchange tips of taking care of children who are not decided weather to give to adoption by their birth parent. It also comes with a clinic that is related to the interim care program to exam the health of the babies.


其中一个典型的想法就是嵌入式住宅,它由三部分组成,一侧是领养机构,中间是被领养者的空间,另一侧则是各种不同类型的领养家庭,这个设计来自于关系中的一个盲点,如果出现了这样的情况,有个一直没能被成功领养的儿童,我们怎样能够建筑的手段来帮助他,嵌入式住宅的多种家庭组合领养的方式给这个问题带来了希望,这样从关系出发的设计还有很多很多,把各种信息收集在一起的信息塔楼,扩展理想领养家庭概念的家庭展览等等我们又将这些关系下产生的设计集中放在Columbus circle的场地上,场地的选择完全随机,只是想放大这些新的设计并将他们放在一个时空下,希望能发现他们彼此之间新的关系。

Adoption process basically brings together the elements of a family; it always involves two parts, adoptees and adoptive parents. Adoptees are always infants or children from foster care. Different lessons happened every week in the new type of orphanage we found called children aid society. The LGBT center provides information to the LGBT parents considering the skills on how to be good parents coordinated with the adoption agency.




Uncertain states of le festa

Date: Fall 2014
Collaborator: Studio
Critic: Cristina Goberna


由于经济危机,耗尽的西班牙经济让市民难难找到工作,养家糊口。巴塞罗那原本以活力四射的社交场景而闻名于世的城市形象也像经济危机一样面临着不稳定和扁平化的趋势,曾今 的活力与多样性渐渐趋同消失。醉汉们因为政府越来越严苛的立法和对当地人的抗议不满在城市里横冲直撞。同时设城城市的社交场景和恢复经济变成了一个对 各方都有利的举措,无论是政府,当地市民还是游客。

为了缓和社会和经济的压力来拯救整个城市。我们整个studio提出了一系列的口号。我们要更多 的工作,更多的派对,更多的感官刺激,更多的多样性,更多的传统,更多的自由!!

Barcelona is in states of ECONOMIC AND FESTIVE CRISIS! The Barcelona government and citizens are making a mistake in handling these two crises separately – they are in fact related!

Due to the crisis, the depleted Spanish economy has citizens scrambling to find work and provide for their families. Like the economy, Barcelona’s once vibrant social scene, formerly a cultural trademark of the city, has entered a state of instability and flatness due to an economic shift towards globalization. What was once vibrant and diverse has become increasingly homogenized, catering to the large number of tourists visiting the city. Drunks rampage through the city in reaction to harsher city legislations and angered locals. The redesign of the city’s social scene and economies presents an opportunity for all parties – government, citizens and tourists – to contribute to creative economic growth through collective invention and participation!

To alleviate the social and economic stresses to save Barcelona, we must not wait to address: We want economic recovery! We want more INTENSITY. More jobs! More PARTIES. More stimulation! More HOURS. More train lines! More DRINKING. More self-determination! More DRUGS. More community! More SEX. More diversity! More MONEY. More traditions. More FREEDOM. More Invention!

旅游业对缓解危机十分重要!延长和强化派对会给经济带来新的可能性。我们的策略是在当地的 商店或者酒吧进行双重设计,新的零售业缓解经济的压力,新的装置激发街道的活力。废弃的地 铁站被新的派对形式所利用,这些地铁站的位置都与城市现有地铁站连接成网,方便旅游者或市 民前往,体验巴塞罗那这个城市的方法变得多样而有趣。在注入这些不会受时间影响的能量后, 派对爱好者们最深处的欲望得到了满足,并激发了他们无尽的社交渴望,重回在危机前的巴塞罗那。

但与此同时,我们还是必须强调各个尺度下的城市和社会危机。保护城市历史形象,基础设施的 更近,交通网络与派对的结合,强化的城市能量,只有合理结合这四个层面的城市运作我们才能 拯救巴塞罗那!

Tourism is a necessity for the extended lifespan and intensification of the party—from conception to the comedown — will provide new economic possibilities. We seek to facilitate dual programs in locally- owned stores and bars, provide economic relief through alternative retail spaces, and revitalized the street life by reinventing urban surfaces. Abandoned subway stations will be reclaimed to house new types of parties and will be linked by designated lines reaching throughout the city. Our strategically designed circuit undulates above and below ground by typical and atypical methods in order to provide a diverse yet organized way to navigate the city. After exerting extreme amounts of energy unaffected by time, partiers are re-energized to fulfill deepest desires, provoke infinite social exchanges, and strive for the pre-crisis romantic notion of the Non-Stop Party.

We must address all scales of the urban and social fabric that are in crisis now. Four initiatives — preservation, recuperation, transportation and intensification — will strive to save Barcelona by enhancing tourism!





Date: Spring 2014
Critic: Juan Herreros

声景不仅仅是声音的积累; 他需要关系,他需要听众。可以称为声景的声音都是充满可能性,与环境结合,并与其他种类的声音和谐共处,而不是具体的声音的实现。在声景中,有一些 松散和潜在的东西,这在某种程度上超越了这些声音的集合。因此,声景是一种未完成的状态,并非一个完成的表演。


Soundscapes are more than accumulations of sound; They need relations, they need to be heard(consciously or unconsciously) by a listener, the kinds of musical compositions that tend to be called soundscape are ones that suggest reservoirs or repertoires of possibility, environments of sound, against which other kinds of sound might stand out, rather than specific actualizations of sound. There is something loose and latent in the idea of a soundscape, which is somehow in advance of its collection as sound. A soundscape is therefore a kind of pre-composition, a score rather than a performance.

The project started from the reaction to the noise around the site, using the architecture as a double agency, on the one side, reduce the effect of pollution to the neighborhoods as the noise barriers; on the other side, amplify or use the pollution as the original sauce which generate unexpected programs juxtaposing with each other.


I started looing at the performance of objects related to noise in 3 scales, in the urban scale, I did some research about the building along the FDR drive and found out that there are four ways related to acoustical site planning, increasing distance, place nonresidential land use, locating barrier-type buildings and orienting. In architecture scale, noise can be controlled by room arrangement, windows, the density of columns, also can be enlarged by the shape of the floors volumes and certain technologies; In terms of construction, there are certain materials and construction techniques that can absorb, reflect, diffuse or diffract sound, to create silent, white noise, sound concentration, etc.


Sound is also related to the memory. The second point of this project is to create a new urban life related to sound characters, a city has its own sound character, in terms of New York, the sound of the city is made of traffic transportation building operation street noise, the white noise of central park, the disco noise of numerous clubs also the Church bells, Harbor sirens. Finally these sound characters become part of people’s life.




A great new world

Date: Spring 2011
Collaborator: Jie Xie


URBAN STRATEGY: COMPLETE THE 8 LOOP When we study the circulation of both tourists and citizens, a clear division of these two currents appeared. The bund has the most obvious “division” phenomenon. Our proposal is to let tourists and citizens enjoy the city without this invisible division.

十六铺码头是一个实现这个循环的最佳地点,因为他有着潜在的城市基础设施 – 码头和链接上海豫园得天独厚的地理优势。设计的方法是完成8字型的基本空间原型,将这里改造成 新的上海地标,吸引不同的人群。

16Pu is an ideal point to achieve this goal, for its potential urban infrastructure systems-ferry and best points to connect the bund and Yu Garden. The method is to complete the 8-shape circle of tourists’ path by establishing a highly shared landmark both for citizens and tourists. It plays a role of pump for the currents of the 8. LOOP.


上海当地市民与大尺度的建筑关系更为密切,办公楼,剧院,大型图书馆,博物馆,大型商业综合是他们经常光顾的地方,而游客却对小型尺度的上海街道更为感兴趣。 决定用不同尺度的建筑语言和功能来填补这个缝隙,为游客和市民开辟一个新的世界。

Local citizens are more interacted with large scale buildings such as office tower, theatre, library, museum or big commercial complex compared to the tourists who are more interested in wondering along the famous streets in Shanghai. We decided to fill in the gap with weaved programs both for local citizens and tourists.




Increased cooperation

Date: Fall 2011
Collabarator: Bin Long


目标:这个项目的出发点是利用四个元素(行为)看,行走,停留,听,来填补基地的分割。剧院是在基地里加入的主要功能,剧院的特点是它能利用最新的信息等 吸引来自城市各个角落的大众,但它的缺点是在时间上缺少一定的稳定性。所以我们想利用这点和基地中的这四个行为的融入在时间和空间上延伸基地的活力, 从而增加基地周边和基地中功能性建筑的合作。另一方面,前来这里的大众所带来的最新的新闻和事件也反过来影响这些已经的合作。

PROBLEM: SEGREGATION. The site is in surrounded by a bunch of urban programs that are segregated both in time and space.

GOAL: INCREASED COOPERATION. The project is intended to use 4 elements (behavior) seeing, walking, meeting, and hearing to fill the gap between these segregations. Theatre is the main input program that interacts with other programs. One character of the theatre is that it can attract people from everywhere with latest news and information but lack of stability is a big problem. So we try to interact this advantage with 4 elements extracted from site to extend using time in this project and increase the cooperation between each programs. On the other side, latest news and information which people brings in play the role of updating these cooperation to keep it fresh and attractive.

学校or工作单位:同济大学/Columbia GSAPP, gmp-architects/RTKL/DXA Studio

When: 2014 Summer to present
Where: New York
Who: Ning Wang
From: Zhejiang
Schools Firms: Tongji University/Columbia GSAPP, gmp-architects/RTKL/DXA Studio
Contact: nealolok@gmail.com

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